Art love

Before I became a wedding and editorial photographer, I received a Master’s in Fine Arts, specializing in photography, from the Rhode Island School of Design. While these were my most challenging years as a student, they were also the most thought provoking and expanding years as an artist. I was completely immersed in art making, art critiques, art lectures, art theories, and of course viewing lots of art. Not to mention all of my friends were artists. It was a total art nerd-a-thon. Now nine years later, I still have a complete love for making art and looking at other artists for inspiration. I have an extensive library and weakness for buying art books and not all of them are photographers. I find great inspiration in all sorts of visual imagery and look forward to sharing with you over the years some of my favorites.

To start off, this is a artist that I learned about today and in fact she is not a photographer but uses photography to document her sculptures. This body of work, Monumento Mínimo, is simple, elegant and hauntingly beautiful.

Artist: Nele Azevedo, sculpture

Link: NPR Story

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On Bump Smitten…

While on vacation last week, I received word that Bump Smitten had posted this fun birthday party! Here are a few images and please click here to see all the others! Thank you Bump Smitten and Tara Guérard Soirée !

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Found Friday

Oh how swimwear has changed…..Happy Friday!

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Today on The Bride’s Cafe….

is a sweet little post from a recent Bridal Shower created by the lovely ladies at Ruth’s House. Here are a few details but to see more from this beautiful bridal shower jump on over to the fantastic blog: The Bride’s Cafe!

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High Tea Styled Photo Shoot

Today on Weddings Unveiled blog is a sweet little post from our High Tea Bridal Fete! Created by the talented ladies of RH Inspiration and Ruth’s House plus, the lovely Katie Kern of Circa PR as the Creative Director, this is one not to miss! Thank you to everyone involved in the photo shoot including these participants not listed above:

Stationery and Gifts: Sarah Early of Dodeline
Hats: Magar Hatworks
Specialty Desserts: Wild Flour Pastry

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To be young….

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One year ago today…..

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Found Friday

Love is in the air….

Neilson and I were married one year ago this Sunday. It blows my mind how quickly time flies and how lucky I am to have married my best friend. On Sunday I will post our wedding as seen through the talented eyes of Liz Banfield.

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Found Friday

This post was supposed to be last Friday’s post in celebration of Mother’s Day. I realized on our drive, about two hours outside of town, that I had forgotten to do this posting. I was devastated. I have been saving this image specifically for Mother’s Day. I was already feeling bad since I was not going to be with my own mother on Mother’s Day. My husband and I had made plans months ago to visit our friends in Washington, DC, before they move to Marrakech, not knowing that that weekend was Mother’s Day.

Here’s the thing, I love my mother deeply. We talk on the phone every day sometimes twice a day. So it felt like a double whammy when I one missed the blog posting and two, even more importantly, missed seeing my mom on her special day. While this might not make up for my absence, I just wanted to say I love you mom and feel thankful everyday that you are my mom.

To all mother’s out there, I wish you all a wonderful year filled with love, happiness, support, and laughter.

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Found Friday

It’s all about weddings today!

Look at all the children in this wedding. They look so well behaved and just adorable.  All the matching flower girl dresses reminds me of a wedding I photographed a few years ago. The bride had five sweet flower girls in these ethereal dresses. It was simply beautiful.

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